Good old memory, DVDs, cable TV, Brazilian networks, Internet (Googled a lot), comic books.
A boa e velha memória, DVDs, TV a cabo, TV aberta, Internet (muito Google), livros, HQs.

Some of the sites I visited:
Alguns dos sites que visitei:

Toon Tracker
Animation Characters
COA (I.N.D.U.C.K.S.)
Overheard in Progressive Boink
Foxxs All Animation Page
Chilly Willy's Igloo
Golden Age Cartoons - Walter Lantz
Golden Age Cartoons - Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Page
Golden Age Cartoons - Too Looney
Golden Age Cartoons - Columbia
Golden Age Cartoons - Felix the Cat
Golden Age Cartoons - DePatie-Freleng Cartoons
Leifs Lounge Toon Time Cartoons
The Toons Park
The Memory Lab
The Web Comic List
The Ice Cave - Tons of Balto Information
Memory Chips
Tex Avery
Macro Anthro and Non Anthro Animals, Furries and Giants in Cartoons and TV
SixStar Danes
Doblaje Disney
The Enchanted Disney Château!
Unofficial Rude Dog and the Dweebs site, Rude Dog Delta!
Dodger (from Oliver)
Clear Black Lines
Planète Jeunesse
De nieuwe avonturen van de Puppies
Keyframe - the Animation Resource
Scooby Genealogy Tree
Disneys HooZoo List
Mistery Cartoons
Tex Avery
The Censored Cartoons Page
Minor Characters!
The Muttley files!
The Black Sheeps Footrot Flats Page
Footrot Flats - The Unofficial Site
Footrot Flats
80s Cartoons Central
80s Cartoons!
Keyframe - the Animation Resource
-= Retour vers la télé =-
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds
The Return of Dogtanian
Ginevras Disney Page
Andrews McMeel Universal Home
Jedis Paradise
Little Gems
The Authentic Perishers
Go Comics
Yahoo! Comics
Universal Press Syndicate
King Features
Cartoon Research
Early RKO Radio and RKO Pathe Sound Cartoons
The Unofficial Looney Tunes World
Toon Zone - Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies The Early Years
Toon Zone Forum
Matthew Hunter's Unofficial Looney Tunes Page
Looney Laughs, Lists, & Lyrics-Looney Lists
The Warner Bros Cartoon Companion
The Big Cartoon DataBase
The Big Cartoon DataBase Forum
The Total Toon Tome
Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
Central RetrôTV [ Séries Antigas » Desenhos Antigos ]
Galeria de Personagens
Hanna Barbera
Pet AU!
Canal Desenhos
Arca do Velho

Lists of Dogs - Listas de Cães

Portal do Animal
Dog Times
Stephen's Cartoon Dogs Page
Looney Dogs
Famous Dogs
Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia - Dogs From Fiction
Fictional dogs - Wikipedia
Cartoon Canines - TV Acres
Pet Center
Saúde Anima
A Barrel Full of Names - where I've found Dawg, Fuzz, Kewpie, Roscoe, Weederman, Belvedere and McGruff!!!


Ode to Hanna Barbera Dogs