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SYNOPSES (from IMDB) *** SINOPSES (by Gisele or translated)

A Boy And His Dog (1936) - In this musical treasure, Bobby finds a dog on the way home from school and sneaks him home, but his strict father won't have a dog in his house and intends to punish Bobby. The pixies and dwarfs in the pictures on Bobby's wall come to the rescue and take his father to Pixie Court and put him on trial for being neurotic and erratic and child-like. It's a real surprise to find out who the judge is.

Cagey Bird (1946) - With Flippy, the canary, Flop, the cat, and Sam, the dog.

Catnipped (1944) - The cat of the house (Flop) lets the canary of the house (Flippy) out of its cage, with intent of eating said bird. The dog of the house (Sam) shows up, with intent of not allowing the cat to eat the canary, and the cat is soon in need of medical attention, including a blood transfusion. The blood-donor is the canary, and the cat is soon chirping like a canary.

Cholly Polly (1942) - A cat and dog sleep together peacefully. The parrot, seeing this, can't stand it, so he pulls out his copy of Mein Kampf, where the first tip is to sow suspicion to divide and conquer. If that wasn't obvious enough, the parrot does a quick Hitler impression. He suggests the dog bite the cat; the dog just goes back to sleep. Next, the parrot claws the dog and whispers to both — still no fight. He feeds Myrtle the Cat a bowl of catnip and they finally start fighting, until they knock the book down; when they realize what the parrot has done, they turn on him.

Coo-Coo Bird Dog (1949) - A self-promoted and bragging mongrel is trying to prove his status to a doubting-parrot and accidentally swallows the cuckoo from a clock. The parrot tries to extricate the cuckoo from the dog, where the cuckoo seems to be content. The cuckoo and parrot are engaged in combat within the dog, which is not a pretty picture, and following the brawl, the cuckoo is now seen emerging at intervals from the parrot's mouth, which is also not a pretty picture.

Dog, Cat and Canary (1944) - With Flippy, the canary, Flop, the cat, and Sam, the dog.

Dog Meets Dog (1942) -

Mutt n' Bones (1944) -

Silent Tweetment (1946) - With Flippy, the canary, Flop, the cat, and Sam, the dog.

The Bulldog And The Baby (1942)

The Timid Pup (1940) - A timid little puppy suffers from an inferiority complex. But, once he gets away from home however, he has a grand time putting on the tough-dog air while frolicking with a baby kitten. Comeuppance is just around the corner.